Contact info for elected officials

David Price
CH office 919.967.7924
DC office 202.225.1784

Kay Hagan
Raleigh office 919.856.4630
DC office toll free 877.852.9462

Richard Burr
WS office 800.685.8916
DC office 202.224.3154
Vision Statement
WILPF envisions a transformed world at peace, where there is racial, social, and economic justice for all people everywhere—a world in which:

 · The needs of all people are met in a fair and equitable manner
 · All people equally participate in making the decisions that affect the
 · The interconnected web of life is acknowledged and celebrated in diverse ways and communities
 · Human societies are designed and organized for sustainable existence

Mission Statement
WILPF members create the peaceful transformation they wish to see in the world by making connections that:

 · Provide continuity with the past so that knowledge of historical events and patterns informs current activities for change
 · Create analysis and action that reflect and reinforce each other
 · Link and challenge root causes of oppression, especially racism, sexism, heterosexism, militarism, economic disparity, and political disempowerment
 · Build and strengthen relationships and movements for justice, peace, and radical democracy

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WILPF Monthly Meetings: Triangle WILPF meets the second Saturday of every month, from 10am to 12 noon, at Friends Meeting, 531 Raleigh Road, Chapel Hill http://mapq.st/WNRxQE (The Friends Meeting rents out their parking lot on football Saturdays, so watch for alternate locations during the fall.)

US WILPF ON GAZA: We, the United States Section of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF US) condemn Israel’s current ruthless attacks on Gaza; and condemn the US government for providing Israel with $3.1 billion a year in military aid that is frequently and routinely used against civilians in Gaza and Palestine.

We urge the following actions to be taken immediately:

The US government must:

  • Implore Israel to cease and desist its current deadly onslaught that is wantonly assaulting civilians with every move it makes against suspected “military targets” and support immediate efforts to begin negotiations between Israel and Gaza

  • investigate human rights abuses by the Israeli military using weapons paid for by US taxpayers under terms of the US Arms Control Export Act

  • Put Pressure on Israel to cease and desist its currently human rights abuses of the people in Gaza under the Geneva Conventions and other international laws

  • US citizens should urgently request support of these actions by contacting:

  • The White House Switchboard: 202-456-1414, Comments: 202 456-1111, http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact


    WILPF supports Moral Mondays and the Forward Together Movement of protest against the extremist legislative attacks on the people, the environment, and the democratic processes of our state. Numerous WILPF members have already exercised our constitutional right to petition the legislature with our grievances and been arrested along with almost 100 friends and allies from across the state- and the number is growing. Other WILPF members and friends have joined the thousands of North Carolinians rallying on Moral Mondays. Triangle WILPF, a member of the HKonJ Coalition, encourages all our members and friends to support and participate in this growing movement. For the latest coverage go to http://www.facebook.com/NCNAACP.

    As Rev. Dr. William Barber, president of the NC NAACP has said, "From the moral framework of the scriptures and our constitution we are calling together a coalition of goodwill, a nonviolent volunteer army of love, to oppose this legislature's heartless, ideologically driven agenda. We call on all people of goodwill to join us, that we might build the bridges of understanding, not the walls of division. We call on all residents of North Carolina who believe in the common good to pray and partner with us as we use the tools of protest and the tactics of nonviolent moral suasion to illuminate for the nation the shameful acts taking place here. We are not alone. We shall speak and we shall act. We will become ‘the trumpet of conscience’ and 'the beloved community' that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called upon us to be, echoing the God of our mothers and fathers in the faith. Now is the time. Here is the place. We are the people. And we will be heard."

    LISTEN to the WILPF Wake-Up Call, our weekly radio show each Wednesday from 5-6pm at WCOM 103.5, Carrboro’s listener-supported radio show. Hosted by Lori Hoyt, Dick Paddock, and Tana Hartman, the show features some of the most interesting, engaging and thought-provoking people in and around our community on issues of social justice. To listen on-line, go to www.wcomfm.org. To hear archived programs, click on Radio on the sidebar menu.

    WILPF-sponsored Nation discussion group: is on hiatus. Stay tuned.

    Current Issues, Triangle Branch:
    * racism
    * war/peace
    * civil liberties
    * water justice
    * economic justice
    * corporate personhood
    * corporate globalization
    Nuts and Bolts

    Triangle WILPF meets the 2nd Saturday of every month, 10am-12 noon at Friends Meeting House, 531 Raleigh Road, Chapel Hill. For directions, go to www.chapelhillfriends.org. (Rare changes in meeting date, location and time will be announced via email, website and/or newsletter)

    If you would like to join WILPF or update your membership, please click Join Us or contact Ann Powers at dannpowers@gmail.com.

    To join a new WILPF listserv for info only about WILPF meetings, events, and sponsored activities, please email Jennifer Lewis at wilpfmail@gmail.com.

    If you have an item for the newsletter, please contact Dick Paddock at repaddock@nc.rr.com.

    If you have an item for the website, please contact Lucy Lewis at Llewis2001@earthlink.net.


    Steering Committee - Lori Hoyt, Lucy Lewis, Dick Paddock, Miriam Thompson. Email contact: Jenn Lewis at wilpfmail@gmail.com

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